Twilight Saga: New Moon Facts

The movie Twilight, after making a huge impact is coming back again this November.It is the most anticipated for this year and new moon gossip have touched the sky specially in youth.It was quit clear from its first version that this movie hit the best audience of the world i.e youth hence it is one of the most popular movies and series in young people around the glob.It had everything in it love and action and everything a viewer need.The vampire based fantasy made a really good job in its first version.

The next movie of twilight sequel is called Twilight Saga The New Moon.Here instead of preview,first we want to tell you some exclusive new moon facts and also from the first version of twilight which you do not know for sure.

  • People usually ask why is the name Twilight SAGA.To be true there is nothing very interesting or complex idea behind it.SAGA means series that is why it was named like it.
  • Both the lead actors, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, have some great music skills.They both can play guitar very well.However, Robert is an awsome vocalist too while Kristen play some good guitars. They both are really multi talented aren't they? I know you are getting even more involved into them now right? ;)
  • The director of the movie told that music infact made a big impact for creating a bond between the actors.They usually jam in their place while the other co-artists hang in there and enjoy every bit of it.
  • Sources confirms about the current new moon gossip around that there is a chemistry going on between the lead characters.Ofcourse, they should have after all they are Edward and Bella ;)
  • There is a lot of talk about robert and kristen seen together doing a smooch.It is not confirmed how true is that but the pictures that comes give an impression that it is only a part of the movie.Whatever, lets have a look if it is true how would it look like ;)

  • Another one of the interesting new moon facts is that Jackson who plays the role of jasper has a music band called "100 Monkeys" he plays guitar in it and sings as well.
  • Robber Pattinson recently found himself in trouble by getting a short hair cut without telling his producer.
  • Taylor,who is playing the role of Jacob in new moon has won black belts in karate and had been three times junior world champion.

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The Riddler Batman 3

After the huge success of The Dark Knight (A.K.A Batman 2), the expectations of people for the third version of this Sequel have increased dramatically.However,it would be near to an impossible task to even get close to the success and the masterpiece of The Dark Knight.
However Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Sequel, suddenly gave a negative impression to continue the series in an interview.From some sources, the news came into the lime light that Chris wanted to do Batman 3 but with heath ledger (Who did the legendary role as a joker in TDK) but after his death it has hurt Christopher so bad that he does not want to continue with the sequel.Certainly,if there had to be a joker in the sequel then ofcourse, no one could do it better than Heath Ledger,hence batman 3 cast would be a big question mark.Although, different speculations are made for the batman 3 cast from the comic series in batman riddler or catwoman, most likely it would be The Riddler.

The riddler was used in many mediums of the batman comic series.He is a guy who is into the puzzles,riddles and different things.He teases by sending different clues and signs to the cops and batman.He appears with a green suit on and a stick and a mask on with a green or at times black question mark with him.He is presented as a smooth talker who likes to riddle every now and then.However, he is mostly presented as a non violent character who hurts mentally rather than physically. It would be quit interesting to see him entering into the movie.
So far, there are 2 most discussed actors who are speculated to do this job.But at the moment, the news in the center is that Johnny Depp as The Riddler in Batman 3 is highly recommended. He has been an awsome actor so far and if he plays the role I am really sure that he would do a great job.Lets see a picture of him roaming around which kind of looks like the character itself naturally (Jokes Apart).

So, what do you say now?won't johnny depp as the riddler would be the first preference?His look can give him an X-factor for this role.It is not about the looks only,everybody knows about the acting skills of him and no one doubts that.Just imagine that in your mind for 2 minutes and you will feel that johnny depp as the riddler may be the perfect choice
Here is another one to give another good idea:

However, there is another talented artist who is a strong contender for this role. None other than, Jim carrey.He already,in past, did the role of "The Riddler" in old Batman movie sequel called "Batman Forever." The scenario was completely different and it was not kind of big budget popular movie but the scene has been changed after The Dark Knight and Jim Carrey got an excellent chance to make history by doing this role in his own unique way.It would not be an easy task but we know it he can do it for sure.Infact his natural way of acting would suit him really well to get involved into the role.
Now lets have a look at the old one performed by him:
So, what do you think?a good choice or the bad one? This picture is from the old movie though.But, I personally believe he would get involved into the role nicely with the new look.

In the end,anyone of the two can be a really good choice for this role and can really play "The Riddler in Batman 3" nicely. Infact I believe,atleast individually, whoever of the two does this role would be a huge success.Although, personally I would definitely go for Johny Depp.

Batman fans have already made some wallpapers for batman 3 cast featuring johny depp which looks great. (Although,sorry for the person who made this wallpaper because I received these pictures in a random forwarded mail.but anyhow,who ever made these pictures the credit goes to you guys)

Last But Not The Least, Here We Present Johnny Depp

"The Riddler Batman 3"